Sarah Neville



A Dance for Virtual Reality
Adelaide College of the Arts, 2019


Sarah Neville is currently investigating how it feels to dance in immersive digital environments. Through the use of Motion Capture and Virtual Reality technology, she invites the viewer to interact with the work and experience contemporary dance first hand. Traversing a journey for seven dancers through three worlds, the experience will explore each dancer's movement and how it resonates with the environment.

Sarah Neville - Director

Daish Malani - VR Interaction
Michael Russo - Motion Capture Consultation
Alexander Degaris-Boot - Motion Capture Consultation
Matthew Thomas - Composer
James Wilson - Developer and 3D Design

Madeline Blumer
Ashlee Vermeer
Jazz Hriskin
Tiarna Linke
Leo Ashenden
Tiphenie Evans
Kirra Doherty

Thank you
Simon Biggs and Alexander Degaris- Boot, South Australian School of Art, Creative Computing Studio, University of South Australia
David Hobbs, College of Science and Engineering, Flinders University
Theodor Wyeld
Peter Sheedy and Lisa Heaven, Adelaide College of the Arts, Dance Department

Collaborative Description

Sarah Neville has brought together a diverse team of creative, engineers, scientists and academics to create Spheres a Dance for Virtual Reality.

This project is an exciting collaboration between Adelaide College of the Arts, Flinders University and the University of South Australia. The College of Science and Engineering at Tonsley advised the initial consultation process for the Motion Capture of Dance data. The Dance Department at the Adelaide College of the Arts collaborated with the Creative Computing Studio at The University of South Australia to capture the dance data and develop the Virtual Reality Game Engine through the use of their technical facilities and the skills of Games Engine designer James Wilson, together with interactive design consultant, Daish Malani from +Life technologies (a company working with VR technology for rehabilitation of cognitive abilities and fine motor skills). The creation of the dance movement and choreographic design all took place at the dance studios at Adelaide College of Arts with Sarah Neville and the dancers, simultaneous to the creation of an original score by composer Matthew Thomas.

The process, involves all the creatives including the dancers, game designers, interactive consultants and the composer, in the task of choreographing an immersive VR experience to share with a viewer. It is then in the viewer's hands, who have the opportunity to contribute to the dance within their experience.