Sarah Neville


Speculative Culture/ Weather Lore 2

Speculative Culture/ Weather Lore
Family in residence
June long weekend 2014
Port Adelaide

Speculative Culture/ Weather Lore is a project exploring future forecasting and sustainable living in a time of rapid climate change. It was seeded from an artist family-in-residence in Croatia, Austria and Belgium through the cultural lab FoAM in October 2013 and continues for Adhocracy, Vitalstatistix theatre company, June 7-9 2014.

History is full of rhymes, anecdotes, and proverbs meant to guide the uncertain in determining whether the next day will bring fair or foul weather. Farmers watched the sky colour to know when to sow and reap. Mariners noted wind and waves for signs of change. Contemporary weather lore often manifests from people�s anxiety about a future of floods, famine and fires. The question is how does the superstitious or curious imagination make sense of all this?

The project is utilising a future forecasting methodology which encourages people to investigate living in a range of possible futures, designed as artistic experiments. The methodology takes uncertainty as a creative challenge, a call for cultural work in which visions of everyday life in the time ahead become tangible and discussable.

Speculative Culture/ Weather Lore is a family-based endeavour. The Neville-Thomas family subscribe to a sustainable, resilient way of life where they grow their own food, fish locally, raise chickens and work closely with local natural resources. At Adhocracy the whole family will work together alongside an online collaboration with Nik Gaffney and Maja Kuzmanovic of FoAM.

We will explore speculative cli-fi scenarios, document dialogues with farmers and fishers, develop digital stories and sound scores, conduct pop-up future forecasting and other cultural interventions within the Adhocracy event, cook, tend to plants, look after our children and conduct artist talks about the diverse facets of this cultural endeavour.