Sarah Neville



Sarai Newmedia lab, New Delhi, India 2001
FACETS new media choreographic lab, Bangalore, India 2007

Initially supported by Australian Network of Technology, this project was a work in progress over 8 years. The key collaborators were electronic installation artist Mari Velonaki and documentary film maker Monica Narula

At Sarai, we worked on the treatment stage, based on participatory interactive performance incorporating participant triggered digital images programmed into a glacier screen and live dance performance.

Later in Bangalore, I collaborated with Italian sound artist Lorenzo Brusci, Japanese new media artist Kunihiko Matsuo and Swedish lighting designer Thomas Dotzler. I worked with a cast of seven dancers; three from Attakalari with various classical Indian dance backgrounds, a Kathak dancer from the United Kingdom, a German contemporary dancer, an Irish contemporary dancer and an English contemporary dancer. We worked on developing the dance content of the work in an out door technologically interactive environment.