Sarah Neville


Bamboo Travelogues

In February 2010 at an outdoor theatre in Mt Lawley, Perth, Western Australia Corazon de Vaca presented an evening of performance installations, dance, theatre and visual display, inspired by the grubby, witty and moving poetry of Chilean poet, Roberto Bolano.

The poetic content of the performance umbrellas themes of travel, youth, nostalgia for youth and transient relationships which were personalized to relate to our own experiences of travel and story telling on the road.

This work was born of an investigation in cross-platform dance theatre in a site specific social context. The performance forms include, live performance for a stage, site specific spaces, performance in direct interaction with an audience and within digital formats both hand held (camera) and rendered into a projection for wall spaces around the venue.

(Extract from The Romantic Dogs)

A runaway love.
A deam within a dream.
And the nightmare telling me: you will grow up.
You'll leave behind the images of pain and the labyrinth
And you'll forget.
But back then, growing up would have been a crime.
I'm here, I said, with the romantic dogs
And here I'm going to stay.

Choreography/ Direction Sarah Neville
Digital video design Mia Holton
Performed by Michelle Outram, Hellen Russo, Jessica Lewis

Bamboo Movie